About This Site

This website is part of a study on collaborative production of eGovernment services .

These services are either provided by government on the basis of citizen- or third party- generated data, or services provided by citizens or third parties on the basis of government or citizen/third party data.

This website's main aim is to collect examples of these collaborative e-government services across the European Union, at least one from each member state.

The study itself aims at providing a clear descriptive picture of collaborative production in eGovernment, analysing the internal dynamics of this phenomenon, assessing the economic and societal implications for public administration, civil servants, citizens and service providers as well as at providing policy recommendations. It entails an extensive mapping of collaborative production projects and policies in Europe complemented by the examples from the US and Australia. This collection of case studies open for collaboration and available on online platform will be subsequently matched with a deeper analysis of selected case studies as well as interviews with decision makers, developers, business service providers and users. This data collection process will form the basis for the following analysis of implications for all the stakeholders and finally result in policy recommendations.

In addition to the self-standing value of a reflection on the nature and implication of collaborative production in Europe and beyond, this study constitutes an important part of the eGovernment Action Plan 2011-2015 (COM 2010/743), which places user empowerment and collaborative production as a first priority. Its results will assist the European Commission in a formal assessment of the implications and provision of recommendations for the Member States by the end of 2011. Moreover, the recommendations will directly input the EC policy aimed at facilitating exchanges and setting up of common targets for the roll out of collaborative services foresee for 2011-2013.

The study team is composed of Tech4i2, Deloitte & Touche Brussels, Ton Zijlstra and collaborative governance experts.

All the project content deliverables will be available on the project website www.ourservices.eu and open for comments and suggestions.