Mapping collaborative production of public services

In the last years, the bottom-up collaborative production of public services has emerged as a powerful trend, with citizens taking a proactive role in policy design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation, through website such as Fixmystreet, Patientopinion, Peertopatent.

This blog accompanies a study on collaborative production of eGovernment services for the European Commission.

The study aims at providing a clear descriptive picture of collaborative production in eGovernment, analysing the internal dynamics of this phenomenon, assessing the economic and societal implications for public administration, civil servants, citizens and service providers as well as at providing policy recommendations.

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Your comments and other forms of input into the study are more than welcomed. All the project's reports will be available on the website for your review and open for comments. You can also contribute to the study by pointing us to interesting examples of collaborative services.