Participle Is Addressing Big Social Issues

Participle creates future services with and for the public, combining bottom-up processes with top-down analysis.

Most attempts at innovation and service improvement start within existing institutions and ask how they can be reformed. Participle starts from the individual and their community, unlocking a unique set of insights and motivations, which are then applied to the problems that need to be addressed.

This bottom up process of learning from and understanding individuals, and the life they want to lead, is simultaneously combined with a top down process of institutional and financial analysis which draws on broad networks of academic and professional knowledge.

Particle believes there needs to be a new settlement between individuals, communities and government - new ways for people to get involved in determining their lives in a meaningful way, new approaches that mean some people do not get stuck at the bottom of the heap for generations and new bonds that mean people can flourish and bring their dreams alive. What matters is not just ideas, but real change on the ground, in communities.

On an everyday level this means public service reform - this is where the opportunities lie, to build something different. "Changes in society, demographics, lifestyle and availability of resources, have left us with services that are out of step with modern Britain. We need to stop patching and mending institutions and services designed for another era, the time has come to create something new. A radical new vision for our public services is required."