govservice - Ireland Road Collisions

The Irish Road Safety Authority mapping their own and police data on a Google map of Ireland.

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Citizen's Connect | City of Boston

The Citizens Connect mobile app helps residents make their neighborhoods even better.

Fix My Tweet

FixMyTweet - created by Lichfield District Council, allows people across the country to report street problems to councils using the social media platform Twitter.

Bürgeraktiv - Berlin

The 'active citizens' portal is a city portal that connects volunteers to organisations that are looking for volunteers.

Open Elm Project

Open Elm Project The aim of the project is to harness the power of the public to help create a detailed profile of the Island's elm tree population, and to help identify and report trees which may be infected with Dutch Elm Disease.


CrowdCulture is an initiative by the city of Stockholm to involve citizens in funding new culture projects.

A primary goal of is to improve access to Federal data and expand creative use of those data beyond the walls of government by encouraging innovative ideas

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San Francisco Garden Registry

Garden Registry is a new project of the San Francisco Victory Garden program which enables urban farmers in San Francisco to locate their backyard farms on a map, describe what they are growing, and, most importantly, advertise any surplus land they have available to others who would like to plant there. The map not only allows San Franciscans to peek into the backyards of their fellow farming neighbors, but also encourages shared use of private land to maximize the output of local, organic food.

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Barnet Pledgebank can be used to gather together people to get projects done. These can be tasks such as clearing snow and ice from pavements in the street, painting over graffiti or setting up computer classes in your area.
The website is based on the simple principle that the person making the online pledge will work to make it happen “but only if” a number of other people commit too

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