Aquí os Quedáis is a web page where you can find out which would be your ideal european country to live according to your preferences related to economy, environment, education, etc. For this you just have to indicate the country where you are living now and and assess which are the categories you give more priority in the list of preferences that we present.

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EU Timelines: youth and social change

A graphical web application adding historical context to data on youth, employment, education, equality and other social issues in the EU.

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Attention areas for the Millennium Development Goals

One way of raising awareness is to show the world what the present state is of the Millennium Development Goals. This application tells, for one thing, the story of areas that are deprived on multiple indicators. And also shows the world that per indicator there is a vast distribution of areas on the continuum of ‘most attention required’ to ‘least attention required

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Napiš - Vyhledání

Find you political representatives based on your address, and write to them.

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Check your own preferences in policy decisions against the real voting behavior of your elected politicians. For the Czech, Slovakian or European Parliament. 

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Transparent School - Map

Mapping higher education in Paris, in combination with other data such as nearby points of interest and businesses offering specials (through FourSquare)

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Plenty of Data

Visualization of European unemployment data over time. Using OECD sources.

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Fingal BringBanks

An example iPhone app that uses bring bank (recycling centers) data from the Fingal Open Data Project . 

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This mobile application provides gasoline prices near your location for Portugal, Brazil and Spain.

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iRail is an application built by students to better make use of the information of the train schedule of the Belgian rail roads.

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