A web application visualizing the Estonian state budget.

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Demo.cratica (Beta)

This service makes the work and activities of members of parliament visible and provides full transcripts of parliamentary sessions in an easy to read form.

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It's Your Parliament .eu

It's Your Parliament is a website covering the European Parliament making it easy to find and compare voting records of individual MEPs and political groups. It enables you to find out where your lawmakers really stand on important issues like the Lisbon treaty, environment and social affairs. In addition we give you the opportunity to have your voice heard by commenting on the votes and on MEPs - after all it's your parliament.

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Napiš - Vyhledání

Find you political representatives based on your address, and write to them.

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Check your own preferences in policy decisions against the real voting behavior of your elected politicians. For the Czech, Slovakian or European Parliament. 

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Funding Scotland

Gathers and organises information about grants and funding opportunities

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DataMarket - Find and Understand Data — DataMarket

Find and understand data. Visualize the world's economy, societies, nature, and industries, and gain new insights.100 million time series from the most important data providers, such as the UN, World Bank and Eurostat.

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Proracunski Kalkulator

Budget calculator shows major expenditures and income of the government and their relationships, it also allows you to "play" with government figures (lower or increase taxes, hire more teachers, decrease police wages, call for foreign aid...), and it will also calculate your contribution to the state budget on each count of taxes as well as how much of your tax money is spent on any of the expenditures (health care, pensions, education, social, agricultural aid...).


Zindex is a research project rating the transparency of public tender processes of public bodies in the Czech Republic. provides insight into the working of the Lithuanian parliament. It visualizes statistics about meetings, parliament votes, and individual voting behavior.

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