Funding Scotland

Gathers and organises information about grants and funding opportunities

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Stay informed about the state of the environment in Europe!
iEnviroWatch allows to visualize and query environmental information produced by the European Environment Agency (EEA) at your location or geographical area of your interest.

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DataMarket - Find and Understand Data — DataMarket

Find and understand data. Visualize the world's economy, societies, nature, and industries, and gain new insights.100 million time series from the most important data providers, such as the UN, World Bank and Eurostat.

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Repara Ciudad

This application allows the citizens to report incident in the urban environment to the local administration, from a mobile device.  This allows the local administration to act and answer the citizen, while at the same time that all the information is visible for other citizens.

Proracunski Kalkulator

Budget calculator shows major expenditures and income of the government and their relationships, it also allows you to "play" with government figures (lower or increase taxes, hire more teachers, decrease police wages, call for foreign aid...), and it will also calculate your contribution to the state budget on each count of taxes as well as how much of your tax money is spent on any of the expenditures (health care, pensions, education, social, agricultural aid...).

Registru divjih odlagališč

This is a crowdsourced map of illegal dump sites in Slovenia.


Zindex is a research project rating the transparency of public tender processes of public bodies in the Czech Republic.


MapyHazardu maps the location of gambling location and gambling machines in the vicinity of public buildings. By law they are not allowed within a few hundred meters of public buildings, yet they often still are. provides insight into the working of the Lithuanian parliament. It visualizes statistics about meetings, parliament votes, and individual voting behavior.


Atkläts makes Latvian government spending transparant. It offers government an easy to use platform to publish data, and provides citizens insight.

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