orgservice tracks political promises and plans for legislative changes, and reports if they are being fulfilled, stalled or broken.


Sejmometr is the portal that is keeping track of the activities and law making process in the Sejm, Polands Parliament.

Europe's Energy

This is a visualization of the production and consumption for every European nation.

Vergunningenkaart is a map of the Netherlands that shows (and makes searchable) all permits and requests for permits on various topics such as building, parades, monuments, environmental aspect etc. etc.

Using a searchable announcement database of the government as source it visualizes it on a map.

Go to Vergunningenkaart


The original website was used to map incidents of violence and peace efforts in Kenya based on reports submitted via the web and mobile phones.

Flickr: The Commons

The joint undertaking of the Library of Congress and Flickr, a communal page for worldwide photography collections from world cultural heritage institutions, the Commons , enables Flickr account holders to browse, tag and comment on displayed photographs.

Berliner Senatshaushalt - OffenerHaushalt

A visualization of the budget of the Senate of Berlin, Germany.

Geluidsnet - Soundnet

Geluidsnet measures noise levels throughout the Netherlands and combines that with information about air traffic and flight path to be able to report noise pollution levels due to airplanes. (my democracy) gives an overview of all kinds of activities around the democratic process (petitions, initiatives, protests, public hearings, referendums, and elections).


The Kiezatlas (neighbourhood atlas) brings together various government data sources and puts them in geographic context.
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