Chromaroma takes your travel data and makes it into a game where every journey counts in a competition for the city!

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For over ten years, people taking part in EcoTeams have been making positive, measurable changes in their homes and in their lives.
EcoTeams is brought to you by Global Action Plan, the award-winning environmental charity. We work with communities, businesses, schools and charities because when people act together, more significant and meaningful change takes place.

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Your Local Budget | the YLB learning network

Your Local Budget is a space to connect, understand and shape local budget decisions. In this project, you will hear from people who are shaping their local budgets and find new tools for giving individuals a direct and meaningful say in local spending decisions.

La 27e Région

The 27th Region is positioned as a "laboratory of new public policies in the digital age."
There are 26 administrative regions in France. This virtual 27th ‘region’ is intended to provide the other regions with the space and opportunity to design and develop innovative approaches to policy. Its goal is to foster creativity, social innovation and sustainability in public institutions, through community projects, prototyping and design thinking

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School of Everything

A web platform that connects people who want to learn with passionate teachers in their local area. The award-wining site is free to join for both people who want to learn and people who want to teach.

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Kiwah is a community supporting a sustainable economy by showing where sustainable products and services are available. Rate them and earn Kiwah points.

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MIMAQ is Mobile Individual Measurements of Air Quality.MIMAQ aims at answering questions by enabling active in monitoring by individual people by measuring air pollution during their outdoor activities.



FixMyStreet is a site to help people report, view, or discuss local problems they’ve found to their local council by simply locating them on a map.

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The Birmingham Civic Dashboard

Another pilot is Birmingham City Council and its technology arm, Digital Birmingham, which partnered with Mudlark, a cross-platform media production company. Together they are creating a social web tool, the Birmingham Civic Dashboard, to be launched within the next month. This will map where requests for council services have been made.

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Who Owns My Neighbourhood?

Who Owns My Neighbourhood aims to give people a starting point for getting things done in their own neighbourhoods. We hope this service will make it easier for people to have conversations about their local area.
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