OmVård is a site providing information on the quality of healthcare services in Sweden. Waiting times, accessibility and patient survey results are all used to compare services.

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The Irish Road Safety Authority mapping their own and police data on a Google map of Ireland.

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A web application visualizing the Estonian state budget.

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Demo.cratica (Beta)

This service makes the work and activities of members of parliament visible and provides full transcripts of parliamentary sessions in an easy to read form.

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Ekstra Bladet Krimikort

Local police reports are mapped so citizens can explore the type of criminal activity in their neighbourhood.

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VORSR.SK | Visual Business Register

A visual representation of the Slovakian and Czech business register, this improving search and usability for citizens.

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Chock - Elementary Schools

Helping parents finding a school for their children, using government data to compare schools in the vicinity of your address.

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Napiš - Vyhledání

Find you political representatives based on your address, and write to them.

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Check your own preferences in policy decisions against the real voting behavior of your elected politicians. For the Czech, Slovakian or European Parliament. 

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Plenty of Data

Visualization of European unemployment data over time. Using OECD sources.

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