Aquí os Quedáis is a web page where you can find out which would be your ideal european country to live according to your preferences related to economy, environment, education, etc. For this you just have to indicate the country where you are living now and and assess which are the categories you give more priority in the list of preferences that we present.

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EU Timelines: youth and social change

A graphical web application adding historical context to data on youth, employment, education, equality and other social issues in the EU.

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It's Your Parliament .eu

It's Your Parliament is a website covering the European Parliament making it easy to find and compare voting records of individual MEPs and political groups. It enables you to find out where your lawmakers really stand on important issues like the Lisbon treaty, environment and social affairs. In addition we give you the opportunity to have your voice heard by commenting on the votes and on MEPs - after all it's your parliament.

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Attention areas for the Millennium Development Goals

One way of raising awareness is to show the world what the present state is of the Millennium Development Goals. This application tells, for one thing, the story of areas that are deprived on multiple indicators. And also shows the world that per indicator there is a vast distribution of areas on the continuum of ‘most attention required’ to ‘least attention required

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Check your own preferences in policy decisions against the real voting behavior of your elected politicians. For the Czech, Slovakian or European Parliament. 

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Plenty of Data

Visualization of European unemployment data over time. Using OECD sources.

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eUcomap is about connecting several statistics of European countries (Sufficiency of Habitats, CO²-Emission, Area of Habitats) by visualising these hard-to-grasp numbers in a concise and understandable way.

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Carbon Geiger

Application that shows CO2 output in your vicinity.

Climate change is not happening by accident - the fossil fuel emissions we have been spewing out since the industrial revolution are the main cause of the problem. And emissions continue to increase at an alarming rate. The biggest sources are the power stations and factories dotted around our landscape.

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Stay informed about the state of the environment in Europe!
iEnviroWatch allows to visualize and query environmental information produced by the European Environment Agency (EEA) at your location or geographical area of your interest.

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DataMarket - Find and Understand Data — DataMarket

Find and understand data. Visualize the world's economy, societies, nature, and industries, and gain new insights.100 million time series from the most important data providers, such as the UN, World Bank and Eurostat.

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