This webapplication shows all play grounds in the city of Utrecht. It lists for each of those play grounds the age groups for which it is suitable, and the type of equipment, facilities and sports fields that are available. Go to Speeltuinvinder

Green Amsterdam

Application providing information about eco-friendly living in Amsterdam. What are the greenest locations and streets? What are eco-friendly restaurants, and how to get across town in a 'green' way?

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Logica CityApp | Apps for Amsterdam

An application bringing together government and citizen generated data and information, making you aware of what is going on in your neighbourhood and how you can be an active part of the life around you.

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Bomenkap Amsterdam

This site alerts you if there is a tree about to be cut down in your neighborhood, and providing advice on how to try and prevent it. Cutting down trees needs a permit, and you can appeal to permits being provided.

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This application lets you explore the 178 official nationalities living in Amsterdam. For each of those nationalities it tells you where to find restaurants, and cultural traces of these nationalities. 

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Mobile application providing historical information and images during your walk through the city. Using both government data as well as data added by other users of the application.

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Attention areas for the Millennium Development Goals

One way of raising awareness is to show the world what the present state is of the Millennium Development Goals. This application tells, for one thing, the story of areas that are deprived on multiple indicators. And also shows the world that per indicator there is a vast distribution of areas on the continuum of ‘most attention required’ to ‘least attention required

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Application showing the energy efficiency of houses in neighbourhoods.

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Vergunningenkaart is a map of the Netherlands that shows (and makes searchable) all permits and requests for permits on various topics such as building, parades, monuments, environmental aspect etc. etc.

Using a searchable announcement database of the government as source it visualizes it on a map.

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Geluidsnet - Soundnet

Geluidsnet measures noise levels throughout the Netherlands and combines that with information about air traffic and flight path to be able to report noise pollution levels due to airplanes.
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