A location based job search platform


EU Timelines: youth and social change

A graphical web application adding historical context to data on youth, employment, education, equality and other social issues in the EU.

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VORSR.SK | Visual Business Register

A visual representation of the Slovakian and Czech business register, this improving search and usability for citizens.

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Attention areas for the Millennium Development Goals

One way of raising awareness is to show the world what the present state is of the Millennium Development Goals. This application tells, for one thing, the story of areas that are deprived on multiple indicators. And also shows the world that per indicator there is a vast distribution of areas on the continuum of ‘most attention required’ to ‘least attention required

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Plenty of Data

Visualization of European unemployment data over time. Using OECD sources.

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La Lista de la Compra

This application compares prices across supermarkets in Spain, using information of the Ministry of Trade.


Application showing the energy efficiency of houses in neighbourhoods.

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Funding Scotland

Gathers and organises information about grants and funding opportunities

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Fingal BringBanks

An example iPhone app that uses bring bank (recycling centers) data from the Fingal Open Data Project . 

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This mobile application provides gasoline prices near your location for Portugal, Brazil and Spain.

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