OmVård is a site providing information on the quality of healthcare services in Sweden. Waiting times, accessibility and patient survey results are all used to compare services.

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Chock - Elementary Schools

Helping parents finding a school for their children, using government data to compare schools in the vicinity of your address.

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This is the project space for the Malmöfestivalen for Android and iPhone apps. Here we work together to create an awesome mobile experience for the festival visitors! :)Are you hosting a festival? You are invited to join with your ideas and use the code for your festival too!

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STHLM Traveling

A mobile application on the Android platform for trip planning with public transport in Stockholm. By GPS location the user can find nearby stations and can share routes with other users.

Boreda - Housing Transparency

A tool for analysis of housing associations' finances with the vision to increase the transparency of the housing market.

Medicinera App

This application uses the government database of registered apothecaries and registered prescription drugs. It shows you based on the location of your phone points of sale for both prescription and over the counter drugs near you.


The purpose of lagen.nu is to gather information about the contents of the current Swedish law, and to present this as simply and comprehensibly as possible.


Jobbkartan.se is a search engine for job advertisements. The vacancies are placed on a map, so that one can easily find a job near where you live.


CrowdCulture is an initiative by the city of Stockholm to involve citizens in funding new culture projects.

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