OmVård is a site providing information on the quality of healthcare services in Sweden. Waiting times, accessibility and patient survey results are all used to compare services.

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Logica CityApp | Apps for Amsterdam

An application bringing together government and citizen generated data and information, making you aware of what is going on in your neighbourhood and how you can be an active part of the life around you.

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This application lets you explore the 178 official nationalities living in Amsterdam. For each of those nationalities it tells you where to find restaurants, and cultural traces of these nationalities. 

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Mobile application providing historical information and images during your walk through the city. Using both government data as well as data added by other users of the application.

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RSA.ie - Ireland Road Collisions

The Irish Road Safety Authority mapping their own and police data on a Google map of Ireland.

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Local Planning Explorer Ireland

Let's you explore planning applications in Ireland, describing the projects and providing Google street view screenshots.

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Transparent School - Map

Mapping higher education in Paris, in combination with other data such as nearby points of interest and businesses offering specials (through FourSquare)

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eUcomap is about connecting several statistics of European countries (Sufficiency of Habitats, CO²-Emission, Area of Habitats) by visualising these hard-to-grasp numbers in a concise and understandable way.

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Repara Ciudad

This application allows the citizens to report incident in the urban environment to the local administration, from a mobile device.  This allows the local administration to act and answer the citizen, while at the same time that all the information is visible for other citizens.
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