CrowdCulture is an initiative by the city of Stockholm to involve citizens in funding new culture projects.


FearSquare is an application which allows FourSquare users in the UK to easily see the official crime statistics for the places where you 'check-in'. The intention is to give you a uniquely individual look at the levels and types of crimes you are exposed to in your daily life.


Safecast maps radiation levels in Japan, after the earth quake and tsunami left nuclear facilities severely damaged.

It combines both data from government sources, in Japan and elsewhere, as well as data contributed by citizens taking measurements themselves


Wikiwijs is a destination where every teacher can find teaching materials, use and customize them. You can also develop learning materials and share them with colleagues.

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EveryBlock is the best way to follow neighborhood news and connect with your neighbors in 16 U.S. cities. Our goal is to help you make your block a better place, by giving you frequently updated neighborhood news, plus tools to have meaningful conversations with neighbors. EveryBlock is a combination of many different types of local news — from public records like crime reports, to neighbor discussions, to photos people have taken in your neighborhood

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E-workshop Senato Ragazzi

E-workshop Senato Ragazzi, targets students at secondary schools, who are given a chance to actively learn about work of parliament by suggesting, rating and commenting on bills proposed by others. This e-learning community consists of students, teachers, and parliament representatives

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Communities of practice

This is a community platform supporting collaborative networks for those involved in local delivery: central departments, local authorities, other public bodies, frontline staff, health staff, people working in charities and the private sector who are in some way delivering for the public.

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Citizens of Breda participate in discussions and influence how the city develops

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Patient Opinion

An independent site about your experiences of UK health services, good or bad.
We pass your stories to the right people to make a difference.

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Simpl Social Innovation Marketplace

What if there were a way for people with social innovation ideas to meet councils? and what if there were a way for councils to pose problems that need solving to a community of people with bright ideas? FutureGov came up with Simpl (Social Innovation MarketPlace) as a way of connecting organisations with people with ideas and letting them bid with more than just cash.

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