Local Planning Explorer Ireland

Let's you explore planning applications in Ireland, describing the projects and providing Google street view screenshots.

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Aquí os Quedáis

Aquiosquedais.com is a web page where you can find out which would be your ideal european country to live according to your preferences related to economy, environment, education, etc. For this you just have to indicate the country where you are living now and and assess which are the categories you give more priority in the list of preferences that we present.

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BusIt London

Planning your London journey by bus

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Application showing the energy efficiency of houses in neighbourhoods.

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What's the Best UK District | Pikimal

When deciding on a place to live, many people consider health, safety, housing, education, activities and recreation, environment and economy. Use this Piki to hep you find the place UK district based on your own personal preferences.

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Public Transport Guide of Helsinki area of Finland:- time tables (metro, bus, tram, train)- real time tracking of trams- taxi ordering (Helsinki area)

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eo'City Rennes - Android Market

The ultimate public transportation guide for Rennes city.
eo'City tells you everything about public transport system in Rennes:
- car park availability and location
- bikes station ("LE vélo STAR") availability and locations
- metro and bus lines, schedules, maps, junctions

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¿Dónde aparco?

Provides information on free parking spaces in various Spanish cities.

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Repara Ciudad

This application allows the citizens to report incident in the urban environment to the local administration, from a mobile device.  This allows the local administration to act and answer the citizen, while at the same time that all the information is visible for other citizens.

Galway Planning Applications

This page shows all planning applications submitted to Galway City Council within the last four weeks.

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