For over ten years, people taking part in EcoTeams have been making positive, measurable changes in their homes and in their lives.
EcoTeams is brought to you by Global Action Plan, the award-winning environmental charity. We work with communities, businesses, schools and charities because when people act together, more significant and meaningful change takes place.

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School of Everything

A web platform that connects people who want to learn with passionate teachers in their local area. The award-wining site is free to join for both people who want to learn and people who want to teach.

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Thumbprint City

Thumbprint City makes it easy for you to use the power of text messages to make a difference in your job, in your neighbourhood or for any cause your care about.
You can get started straight away by signing up and making a page, and then use your page to send out text messages to groups of people, and to receive text messages from people who are involved with what you are doing.

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FixMyStreet is a site to help people report, view, or discuss local problems they’ve found to their local council by simply locating them on a map.

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Who Owns My Neighbourhood?

Who Owns My Neighbourhood aims to give people a starting point for getting things done in their own neighbourhoods. We hope this service will make it easier for people to have conversations about their local area.

Open311 Civic Issue Tracking

Open 311Open311 is a form of technology that provides open channels of communication for issues that concern public space and public services.

Participle Is Addressing Big Social Issues

ParticipleParticiple creates future services with and for the public, combining bottom-up processes with top-down analysis.

Husets Web - Energy Calculation


Husets Web is a website where home owners can find out and calculate which energy saving measures for their house make sense to do.

Verbeter de Buurt - Improve the Neighborhood

Verbeter de Buurt.nl

"Verbeterdebuurt" is a social platform, where people from a neighborhood can improve their neighborhood in an easy way, collaborating with local government.

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