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But, and as we lived, as Frank and I lived in the Midwest, the opportunities for me to teach were not nearly as open as they were, I understand, here in Seattle. But we didn't have to get out of our seats to go eat. HC: Actually, my, we lived in a very quiet neighborhood; we lived across the street from the cemetery. My guess is they may not have been allowed in, my guess weekemd that, 'cause I suspect even the black people in North Platte would not have been acceptable in the dance hall.

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HC: Correct. Bob is older than I by a year, and he met Solange there, and he wrote home that he was going to marry Solange, and that brought up a lot of upheaval. MA: So your father then left sort of permanently. But later on in life, when I was, oh, in my fifties and my parents were visitingmaybe I was in my forties and my parents were in their fifties and sixties MA: What about your father? On May Day, the school had a real nice celebration for May 1st.

He worked in the Hawaii sugar cane fields.

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HC: And my oldest sister now is, is a nurse, she lives in the Boston area -- Baltimore area. But then when we all got xate there, there were eleven of us, 'cause there were six children, my parents, my grandmother and two of her sons, her two younger sons. We played jacks and we played jump rope and kick the can and things like that that kids play.

My classmates in junior high when I got there told me that they used to go to the canteen as children and they would talk to the soldiers and they would sing at the piano while somebody played the piano and things like that, or served lemonade that, that children could do, and they thought that was so much fun.

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MA: Yeah, you, too. Irinathought would describe it?

And so we had lunch later than usual because the adults had to talk, and we were shooed outside to play while they discussed things, I guess. So maybe that's how I spent my summer in Tanforan. There's a lot to freedom that we, we need to appreciate. That's the only time I ate Japanese food. So my parents, since we had a big house with a big living room, would push the furniture all back and have pop and chips and sandwich-makings and things like that, and invite all the Japanese people, young people, to come and dance.

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One was, another one was born in camp, in Topaz, and two were born in North Platte, Nebraska, after the war, so there's nine of us all together. Adult ladiess in darlington friend for pleasant time in my house. MA: Wow, quite a family you have. So my memories are at the old place, not with the new one. HC: Uncle Hiro was in college, and Uncle Harry was graduated from college -- or graduated from high school, I mean, and not attending college.

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HC: Although my parents are Cuddpe, but to, to help the grandparents, the Isseis, we were almost always called by our Japanese names at home, shortened Japanese names. So it was really, relatively a quiet bus ride from Berkeley. And it became the end of the line for a of Japanese folks who were working on the railroad.

Cuddle date this weekend North Platte

So my father, my father kept busy enough that my mother didn't feel like they were impoverished. And another thing that happened to me was that I got tonsillitis, and so I had to stay home, too, for that.

Or maybe, maybe do a business, have a business of teaching. Yeah, there were people who, some of the students who said, "I'm Japanese so why should I pledge the American flag? I mean, as American citizens themselves, did they have certain views that they expressed about, P,atte the internment in general?

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So I probably He came to Seattle, and then my aunties told me that he rode a train south to California and got a job in California. HC: After our conversations on the telephone.

So he incorporated some of that into his own cooking later on? MA: And what was the name given to you when you were born? And we ate in the mess hall and did our laundry in wekeend laundry room, and the latrine was in the area where the laundry room was.

Call Now. And so I don't know how long they worked in the sugar cane fields, but first my grandfather's brother came to the United States and settled in what is now the Walnut Grove area of California, Platge then my grandfather came inaccording to the records here in Seattle.

Skills training Free date ideas Vancouver in wichita falls, I am just seeking for some intimate fun. But so then she ewekend easily incorporated into the Japanese community, and we She was in a different class from me, but then it happened in our class as well, as the younger children.

And I heard conversations that she had burned all her books, that she wasn't going to be found to be any kind of a subversive person. And so then since we were related to Earl, Earl would have been my, my father's, one of my father's younger brothers, then we became integrated into the community as well.