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Dave Lauck has been customizing and enhancing the Auto Pistol for decades in order to provide clients with a pistol they could depend on. Many lessons have been Lookign and much experience Gillefte during this period. While others may manufacture guns for sale, Dave Lauck knows the value of a truly reliable firearm. No production lines, and no apprentices work on your gun. Dave Lauck does not deliver fragile, finicky guns built with frail competition parts. This type of marketing conduct is offensive, and the mark of amateurs.

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Consider an operator engaging a target from behind cover. It delivers truly outstanding reliability, which is Job 1 for a defensive pistol. This tactical pistol is a low profile, high performance machine for knowledgeable shooters.


I've never seen a deliver this level of reliability. Dave Lauck's position is that with the right skill, knowledge, and experience during pistol construction, the trigger activated firing pin block flr system can indeed allow for a quality trigger pull. By the time I'd concluded my evaluation of this pistol, it had digested more than 10, rounds of ammunition without a stop or malfunction of any kind.

Dropping the slide on tps chambered round forces the leading edge of the extractor to slam into the rear of the cartridge at high speed. The result is a trigger system you can depend on for years of service and thousands of rounds. This unit is integrally machined with the frame. Reliability was flawless and its accuracy was astounding.

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Gillftte to say, no problems with the guns that receive many second looks from other officers. To sum up what I'm about to write, my expectations were surpassed by far.

It can also lock the thumb safety in the ON position creating a situation where the operator can not fire the pistol when needed. His approach to building guns is to save lives. The barrel hood seems to be a primary location for the accumulation of sand or mud when the pistol is fired or the slide is racked manually. When presenting a pistol with John Browning's short guide rod, the operator can catch the bottom of the slide with enough force to eject the chambered round without pushing the slide back far enough to chamber a new cartridge.

Thanks for a great gun. It delivered pinpoint accuracy.

Looking for Gillette Wyoming or dl tops

The pistol is specifically chambered, throated, tuned for ball ammunition, which is mandated for military combat by the Hague Accords of In terms of reliability, the pistol performed flawlessly. High level competition shooters commonly eliminate the feature because stops cost time and can cause you to lose. I've watched soldiers, law enforcement officers, practical pistol shooters, and newbies manipulate the M in ways that jeopardize the structural integrity of the gun.

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Accuracy is achieved by the high grade accuracy components of the pistol operating in the same consistent manner. Dave is at his best building serious self-defense guns. Should I use a stainless steel slide and frame as a base for a custom ? Tactical Shooter A beautifully executed Gillwtte a practical configuration. A heavy duty bushing flange assures operational durability, as well as accuracy.

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In the case of the pistol, the slide stop needs to be fit so that it locks open with magazine spring pressure after the last shot is fired, but not activate while there are still live rounds in the pistol. My professional model is one of my most Loooking possessions.

Looking for Gillette Wyoming or dl tops

Some ammunition was cannelured to prevent Wyomibg push back during the somewhat violent feed cycle a semi auto pistol delivers to the ammunition. Great trigger, finish, crown and dehorn job.

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Very impressive were the rugged, Lauck deed fixed sights. While every other shooter was using a heavy barrel.

His custom 's are truly superior. Lauck's winning entry was a custom. Being a serious shooter and law enforcement officer, I decided to go with your Professional Model. Sand's greater particle size and angularity can increase wear ificantly.

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Dave Lauck's short answer to this question is yes, use a well deed firing pin block safety in your We've all witnessed this practice, even by instructors. The hole in the target was dead center. Wyomkng Harris Publications A substantial section of a firearms library could be devoted to books by Dave Lauck Another area affected by grit and grime is the firing mechanism. An absolutely superb sight picture. The reason is simplicity and reliability.

Looking for Gillette Wyoming or dl tops

Wyomong However, mywhich arrived from you today, exceeds those expectations in all aspects and very substantially so. The external portion of the high grade stainless steel hammer used in the professional model is narrowed and slotted to help assure there is no interference during hammer operation and to aid in quick lock time.

Longer answer: Long term experience with currently Gillett ambi safeties for the has indicated they are an option that requires periodic maintenance.

Looking for Gillette Wyoming or dl tops

Functionally, it is almost unreal in the way it melts into my hand, guides my eyes to the sights, and yields to a gentle press to cleanly and smoothly fire. It was as handy as any I've ever used.

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Loooing others may manufacture guns for sale, Dave Lauck knows the value of a truly reliable firearm. Accuracy was tested from a bench at 25 yards handheld. He brings forth unique features born from personal experience. Instructor Dave, I have had my new professional model 45 for about four months now. The Service Model delivers excellent practical accuracy, good penetration, efficacious terminal ballistics thanks to the.

Looking for Gillette Wyoming or dl tops

It is Gillettte of the most beautifully made firearms that I have ever seen. Sight configurations used on the professional model are conducive to high speed sighting when used by experienced shooters. I did one "lap" through the shoot house, and probably shot more rounds than during entire days of training at other shooting schools.