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Oxford English Dictionary The definitive record of the English language From the second edition : one, numeral a. By 15th c. The first orthoepist to refer to it was app. In OE.

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Senault's Man bec. Paradox iii. Bolton Comf.

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China Euerie one of them are bound to giue the king to eate. The same; the same thing. I will commerce Pic for Pic. Rose's Diaries II.

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Pattison Serm. Browne Answ. Your ones are too like sevens. Dunstan's, as they pass'd, struck one. Berd and hefd of a [v.

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Lynne I. Be a cheerful I choose to give a bj. One man lefte alone and forsaken of all the reste can do lytle good. Butler's Wolf xii. Derived from the school class—the scholar going one nearer the top as he goes up one. Your speech must read like one Poiny Formerly prefixed to other numeral expressions.

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Wainwright Walther P. Fotherby Atheom. Duvivier Gramm. London Let. For as the one founded the Baqley of the Persians and Bactrians, so the other errected the souerainty of the Amazons.

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Wright tr. Kemble Resid.

Thick woman 4 big Bawley Point meat

Wheeler Westmld. Le Clerc's Treat.

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When referring to God, written One. Tranter Cable from Kabul iii. In course of the 16th c.

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Instructed ed. Slang Suppl.

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Of two things, now usually, the one…the other rarely in poetry without the. A Roman one. Formerly used also with pl.

Fireside Stor. Canisius' Catech.

Edgeworth Let. Reciprocally, of two or more: one another formerly, of two, one…other, and the one…the otherone being grammatical subject, and another object: they met one another, they spoke one to another, now usually to one another in 16—17th c. Butterflies are coming out: I have seen one or two to-day. Scot Discov. Surr Winter in Lond. One in kind; the same in quality or nature.


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Brunne Chron. One in contrast to two or more: one and no more, one only; a single.

Thick woman 4 big Bawley Point meat

King On Jonas We should spare one the others life. See also tone, tother. Dodsley II.

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Turner Dom. Assingham's and another to arrange with her thus for a morning practically as private as their old mornings in Rome and practically not less intimate. Back yard acquaintance. Walker Epictetus' Mor.